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The Selection

Kiera Cass announces two more books in ‘The Selection’ series are coming!

Are you sitting down? Good, because this news is going to rock your world! Kiera Cass just made one heck of an amazing announcement in which there are not one but two new books in The Selection series on the way! The first, titled The Heir, is slated for next summer and will feature returning favorite characters, as well as introduce


2 for 1 Friday Review: @ca_london

Perspective when put in its place changes your entire worldview. In Proxy and Guardian, that’s what Alex London aims to do. His characters are not fly-by-night heroes, antagonists, rebels or even role models. They’re societal wrongs made right by their own doing. Even when choices exist, Syd and Knox must jump first many times and


Exclusive: Jenna Black #TheGiftedDead Cover Reveal

Politics and magic would make dangerous bedfellows… that’s the tagline for The Gifted Dead, Jenna Black’s newest series. Given that politicians already abuse the privileges that come with fame, prestige and money imagine what they would do with supernatural powers? Oh yeah, you get the idea right? This series is being touted as a book