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Tuesday, January 14th 2014

#TeenWolf Recap: 3×14 “More Bad Than Good”

teen wolf 3x14 1 I had a lot of *feelings* about this episode, and those as always will be in parantheses.

Poor Derek and not-quite-as-poor Peter are still being tortured, tied to a chainlink fence and getting repeatedly electrocuted. (How much do you want to bet this will never be addressed after they get out? Teen Wolf, the show where people just walk away from torture with no lasting effects.) The dude torturing them asks them were La Loba (sp?) is. Neither Derek nor Peter know what they’re talking about, so the dude threatens to cut them in half and brings out a chainsaw. He goes to cut off Derek’s head when they’re stopped by an elderly woman. Derek claims not to speak Spanish, but the woman calls him out on it, saying that he knows exactly what they’re saying and who they want. She asks again, “Where is the she-wolf?” Again, Peter and Derek say they don’t know. Sassmaster Peter does what he does best and mouths off. The woman cuts off his finger and tells them to think about it. (Is the she-wolf Malia? Is it Cora? IS IT DEREK’S MOTHER? WE HAVE NO IDEA. ARGH.)

Scott tries to chase Malia the werecoyote through the woods, but only runs into Stiles. Stiles shows Scott what he found, which is Malia’s den. The den has both the dress Malia was wearing and a stuffed bear. Stiles reasons that they can just wait for Malia to come back, but Scott knows that she won’t come back now that their scent is over everything. Stiles wonders if Scott can track her now that he has her scent, and Scott says that he’d be better at it as a full wolf, but he’s afraid if he goes full wolf he won’t be able to transform back. (Whoa. Whoa. WHOA. HOLD UP. Since WHEN has Scott been able to transform into a full wolf and WHY is this something that just gets casually mentioned in conversation? DEREK couldn’t even go full wolf, and he’d been one all his damn life. Are you trying to tell me that three weeks after becoming an Alpha, Scott can just turn into a damn wolf? WHAT THE HELL, JEFF?)

Since Scott hasn’t been able to get a hold of Derek (after, what, two whole text messages?), they’ll need someone else’s help, and as the den is basically a crime scene, it’s a little out of Deaton’s league. So they call Sheriff Stilinski. He asks the boys if they’re sure it was Malia, and Scott tells him about her glowing eyes. The Sheriff reminds him that it wasn’t a girl, it was a coyote.

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Tuesday, January 14th 2014

VIDEO: Canadian Promo for #TheOriginals’ 1.10 “The Casket Girls” {SPOILERS}

Tuesday, January 14th 2014

US Broadchurch, Gracepoint Might Propel David Tennant like House Did for Hugh Laurie

While FOX barely gets any of my attention anymore, I am such a PBS and BBC fangirl, Gracepoint just might tempt me back. House was definitely (still remains) one of my all time favorite shows. Hugh Laurie and the rest of the cast were amazing and the show stood out in its ability to demand people become better without religious stricture or taking stands one way or the other on very hot topics.

So when critics and studio heads start calling Gracepoint the role that might propel David Tennant like House did for Laurie, I take notice.


Having watched Broadchurch, I certainly see the similarities in the genius of the acting, but I am not so sure of the longevity of this production. The intensity is in the uncovering of the mysteries of each character, and those are revealed in an easy, low-key manner to let the audience process before the whammy-blow of an ending.

Either way, I can say without fear of anyone being disappointed, that since the Broadchurch writer and creators are the ones transplanting the story from Great Britain to California, USA that I have no doubt in their abilities to make Gracepoint an non-stop watchable moment of television to the end of season 1. At least if they manage the same terrifyingly real momentum that pervaded Broadchurch and somehow was maintained throughout the entire season from episode one to the last shot.


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Tuesday, January 14th 2014

VIDEO: Castle 6×13 “Limelight” Promo

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Tuesday, January 14th 2014

Nick Nolte & Jessica Lucas Join US Remake of Broadchurch – Gracepoint

Gracepoint is a ten episode limited series for Fox and is closely based on the original ITV drama Broadchurch, whose creator Chris Chibnall will be acting as writer and executive producer on the new adaptation. David Tennant returns as Emmett Carver, an American version of Broadchurch‘s DI Alec Hardy, who leads the investigation into the murder of a young boy in a sleepy coastal community. Broadchurch director James Strong has also signed on to work on multiple episodes.


Nick Nolte (The Prince Of Tides, Cape Fear, Warrior) will play Jack Reinhold, a stubborn, unmarried, willful man who has lived in Gracepoint for 20 years. He runs the kayak rental on the beach as well as the local wildlife observation program, where the murdered boy was one of his volunteers. The character appears to be loosely based on that of Jack Marshall in the original series.

jlucasJessica Lucas will play Renee Clemons, an ambitious reporter with the San Francisco Chronicle whose career is not progressing as fast as she would like. She believes that investigating the murder of young Danny Lassiter in the seaside village of Gracepoint will raise her profile and teams up with local reporter Owen Burke (Kevin Zegers) to dig the dirt on the local community. Renee has previously followed Detective Emmett Carver played by David Tennant, during the mishandled Rosemont investigation and is curious as to why he should now reappear in Gracepoint and be handed another high profile investigation.

Shooting begins on Gracepoint on Monday 27th January on Vancouver Island, BC with locations including the Sidney Waterfront, Saanich Peninsula and Oak Bay Village. Work continues in various locations in Canada and California, with the wrap scheduled on May 23rd. Gracepoint is due to air on Fox as part of its 2014-15 season.

Confirmed cast to date are: 

David Tennant – Emmett Carver
Anna Gunn – Ellie Miller
Michael Peña - Mark Lasseter
Virginia Kull – Beth Lasseter
Jacki Weaver – Susan Wright
Kevin Rankin – Paul Coates
Kevin Zegers – Owen Burke
Josh Hamilton – Joe Miller
Nick Nolte – Jack Reinhold
Jessica Lucas – Renee Clemons


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