Lauren Oliver (2)

#AskLaurenOliver, Ep. 45, 46, 47

In the theme of her upcoming adult novel, Rooms, Lauren has beckoned spirits to answer readers’ questions for the latest episode of #AskLaurenOliver. Setting up her tarot cards and candles, Lauren is letting you know whether there is a possibility of a fourth Delirium book and whose getting asked to homecoming. If you’ve ever wondered



The Hunger Games


We Have Received Another Mysterious Photo Clue from #OLTM

We have received another District 13 photo. If you missed the one earlier SEE IT HERE. We await our orders from Prez Coin? (She said it was cool if I call her Prez. We’re tight like that.) Time will tell! Until then, Our Leader The Mockingjay, we’re salute you! It all is so mysterious and the only

If I Stay


A Guy’s Perspective of #IfIStay

When you ask the average guy what kind of movies he’s into, nine times out of ten he’ll respond with “MARVEL” or “Anything with action and explosions” or even the less likely but still likely “If Michael Bay directed it, I’m seeing it.” But that guy that’s one out of ten? That’s me. While I

The Maze Runner

The Giver


Taylor Swift Talks Looking Perfect When She Leaves the Gym

If you have ever seen Taylor Swift leaving a gym – it’s like seriously, how does this biotch do it? I am just trying to be nice, but like let us see that you sweat. I have a theory that she has a team of stylists inside the gym to get her ready when she

Fifty Shades of Grey


Rita Ora Covers Glamour UK

We’re excited for Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s not to long (well, its long, but I am trying to be optomistic here) until the movie comes out. Rita Ora covers Glamour UK and talks about the movie and what a big fan of the books that she is. According to her interview she got involved

The Mortal Instruments

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More Holly Black and Cassie Clare Talk ‘The Iron Trial’

Two of my favorite people in the world are on video talking about their upcoming book, The Iron Trial. Seriously, I love this book – and damn… that ending. I can’t wait for you all to read this book. You will adore. I am kinda disappointed that there are no matching outfits – but they