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Saturday, March 15th 2014

New ‘Maze Runner’ Still from MTV


Wes Ball may be done giving us Maze Runner stills, but new ones are still debuting. MTV debuted this one today. It shows Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) right after arriving to the Glades.

The Maze Runner hits theaters September 16th. We will however, be getting a trailer this Monday. Are you excited?

Saturday, March 15th 2014

Divergent Set Visit: @NeilBurger Talks the sets, the fandom, and so much more

Director NEIL BURGER, JAI COURTNEY and THRO JAMES on the set of DIVERGENT One of the people that we were most excited to meet and talk to was Neil Burger. It’s always interesting to talk to the director- the person that is bringing something that you love, something that you are afraid that they will get wrong.

But here’s the thing about Neil Burger. He’s just as passionate as any of us. He knows that he’s got millions of fans that are watching his every move. But he’s just as concerned as any of us. Because guys – Neil Burger is just like us – he’s a fan of the property.

We were on the pit set, it is huge and is surrounded by cave-like gray-ish walls.

Neil: It’s a good set isn’t it?

It’s amazing! We’re a little blown away.

Neil: Yeah. No, it’s huge. It’s not quite done yet actually, they still have some painting to do, but it looks good. It looks real. So we wanted it to be—You know, you’ve seen lots of things underground so we wanted it to be a little bit different like so it was lighter and sort of more luminous. Not kinda heavy, like a place you’d kinda want to be so, it’d be kinda grey and shafts of light coming through that are bouncing around. That’s the idea. Behind the marble, you know.   (Continue Reading…)

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Saturday, March 15th 2014

By the Numbers: How’s Veronica Mars Doing So Far?

veronica marsMarshmallows, have you seen Veronica Mars yet? I went last night with a group of friends. We went to the 9:40 showing and the theater was packed! For the first time in a very long time, I had to wait in line outside to get in to the movies. Granted, I usually go to the movies before noon, because it’s cheaper, but still. VERY promising. And it made my marshmallow heart go pitter-patter to see all the people who had lined up, excited to see Veronica on the big screen.

But is the excitement I saw last night at the theater the same across the country? Is the massive hype from the legendary Kickstarter campaign doing what’s necessary to bring in the box office? Let’s find out.

Veronica Mars brought in $260,000 at midnight screenings on Thursday/Friday, according to Deadline. Entertainment Weekly‘s updated report shows that Veronica managed to snag an estimated $1 million on Friday. With the video on demand release coinciding with its theatrical run, it’s on track to pull in approximately $3 million over the weekend.

It sounds low, but you have to remember that it was only showing on 95 screens for its midnight release, expanding to just 291 the rest of its opening weekend. For comparison, Tyler Perry’s new film, The Single Mom’s Club, opened in 1,896 locations and made only $3.2 million on Friday. (x)

At the Veronica Mars Paley Fest reunion panel, creator Rob Thomas indicated that a sequel could be in the works, but it needs to hit a certain box office, according to Deadline. He didn’t specify as to what the magic number is, and he later said that he would be content if the film managed to pull in $1 million opening weekend. And it looks like it has! So congratulations to Rob and the cast (Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Chris Lowell, and a whole host of others). They put out a great film!

If you haven’t yet, check out our review of the film. And if it’s not playing at a theater near you, you can buy or rent it in digital HD from a variety of sources.

And don’t forget about our contest! You could win a Veronica Mars trucker hat AND a copy of the movie on DVD!

Saturday, March 15th 2014

#Reign 1×14 Dirty Laundry – Olivia is back and is out for blood! (sort of)

reign-olivia (1)Seriously, you have no idea how excited I was for this week’s Reign! Mary and Francis come back from their honeymoon. Bash accuses Francis of trying to kill him. Lola attempts an abortion in the 1500s. And Olivia is back after mysteriously disappearing and NO ONE QUESTIONING WHERE SHE WENT. Honestly, I had few good thoughts about Olivia’s first time on Reign, but I was concerned when no one mentioned anything. But, I guess that is how things go in French Court.

Mary and Francis are traveling back to France from their honeymoon in Paris.  Mary looks out the window, seemingly depressed about going back to French Court, making Francis worry.  She wants to go back to two months ago yay for a semblance of a timeline to when they were wed, to do it all over again and then start their honeymoon instead of heading back to reality.  But, both realize they need to get back and face the politics, backstabbing and murder that is French Court.

Francis tries to alleviate Mary’s worries, saying his mother is no longer a threat and Bash is far away in Spain.  Mary hopes Bash is happy, but Francis couldn’t seem less interested in his bastard brother’s welfare.  They both agree that they can do something that will make everyone around them happy, and that is bringing little royals to life in the castle.

Henry is trying to placate Bohemian visitors who want to start a war due to a mistake on France’s part for firing on one of their ships accidentally.  While apologizing, Henry notices that Archduke Ferdinand’s eyes keep straying towards Kenna, while his sister is looking upon Henry himself.  After the official business is over, Henry informs Kenna of Ferdinand’s apparent interest in her, saying he could be the next suitor she can try to woo. (Continue Reading…)

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Saturday, March 15th 2014

Hannibal 2×03 Recap ~ ‘Hassun’

hannibalFrom murder scenes to court-room drama, Hannibal refuses to become a procedural and brings deadly details right to the judge’s bench. One of the most metaphorical crime scenes yet to appear on the show in regards to the central character — Will Graham — and yet the judge sliced and diced to look like lady justice with his heart and his brain having been weighed and found lacking — obviously! — was a slow burn of a battle only beginning to amp up.

Jack Crawford knows his job is on the line and he walks that fine line with the air of discontent and boorish pathetic waffling-ish sympathy for Will, for himself. Until he takes the stand and finally mans up and owns his responsibility in putting Will up for the circus he now has to perform in.

What I find most interesting though, is everyone else seems ridiculously invested, in creating a spotlight for themselves in this show, except Will. He has found a calm under the bright glare of constant observation, and I cannot figure out what his end goal is… what he has up his sleeve, because he is so not fooled by anyone. It’s obvious that he and Hannibal in their interaction must conceal their real dialogue or end up giving up on the game the two of them are embroiled in — in plain sight.

Deft… my man, Fuller… you are not getting one over on me. I know what you are doing here. We, the audience might be in on the silent signals and faces, and smirks and intense eye glares between Hannibal and Will, but we certainly aren’t in on what they’re not saying beyond “I know What You Did Last Summer.” Oh wait… it’s probably more like “I know what you’ve been feeding me and I call bullshit.” Right?! Amirite?loundsliarhannibal

Team!Forensics in all their bratty speculating are finally breaking down the trust barriers. Look at them snark and snake their attentions away from Hannibal in the lab until Hannibal physically has to bring Jack back to him. Oh the sassy trio are headed for a truth awakening and I fear for my favorite lady lab genius as she has the most invested interest in making sure the evidence comes to light.

If I never see Freddie Lounds again… no, wait… If I never see Freddie Lounds alive on the screen again, it will be too much like reckoning. Is strangling a person in the courtroom because of the lie, the lie… the multiple lies she tells could send someone who has already vividly imagined the electric chair because he has an empath disorder a crime? Okay, so I’m not as blood-thirsty as Hannibal is… will be, I imagine, when Lounds gets her come-uppance on Hannibal like is wont to happen via a certain cannibal who adores Will.

hughmentalpalaceAnd that is what this episode, Hassun, makes clear. Hannibal will do what he needs to free Will, not because he wants to take credit for the murders, but because he’s setting the stage. He is wooing Will to the dark side with his beautiful creations, a seasonal feast of images that will ultimately reveal Will’s innocence. Hannibal will plate his motives for Will, but question is — do we truly know how much more Will will stomach, is planning to swallow?

Because the game they play is one in which only Hannibal and Will can compete. Everyone else who tries; gets eaten.

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