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Friday, April 11th 2014

MY LIFE IS COMPLETE ~ @RobertDowneyJr Joins Twitter!

For real, you will want to follow this man. He always is entertaining… ALWAYS. Love it when he talks, muses and of course, you know he will post adorable photos of his kitties! So here you go. My PSA of the day… go follow Robert Downey Jr. on Twitter.

And he asks… nay he demands we talk to him in his very first tweet. Of course he does. I have no problem with that. Do you?

Sunday, March 23rd 2014

Nina Jacobson Tweets Picture of Buttercup

Nina Jacobson tweeted a picture of Buttercup. We all know that this is one of the most important characters in The Hunger Games series. She tweeted the caption “Resting between takes.”

Can’t wait for Mockingjay! Anyone else with me?

Thursday, March 20th 2014

Emma Watson to do Live Twitter Chat this Friday!

D264FF9A-1198-4458-9408-6BBA2C4C84FF.jpg Want to talk to Emma Watson? Here’s your chance! In celebration of Noah – Emma Waston will be answering fan questions live on Twitter Friday, March 21st @ 1pm PST.

You can submit your questions for Emma Watson by using the hashtag #AskEmma.

Saturday, March 15th 2014

MUSIC: Backstreet Boys Tour, Chris Brown Jailed & Godsmack in Studio

The Backstreet Boys announced the continuation of their tour on Good Morning America! The #InAWorldLikeThis Tour is coming back to the US and Canada for an even BIGGER and BETTER summer! They’re ready to storm stadiums and make the ladies’ hearts swell once again, although I am not sure how special guest Avril Lavigne helps them with these goals. However, she’s the opening act. Tickets go on sale Friday 3/21 and you can find out more HERE.

While things are looking up for the boy band turned heart-throb crooners of nostalgia, Chris Brown is re-visiting his past in a jail cell.

According to the LA Times:

Singer Chris Brown was arrested Friday afternoon by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies after he allegedly violated probation related to his 2009 conviction for assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna. The singer was booked into jail in downtown Los Angeles, where he is being held without bail. The warrant was issued for a probation violation related to his 2009 conviction in the assault on Rihanna, authorities said.

The article doesn’t say what Chris Brown allegedly did to violate his probation, just that he supposedly did. Judges were lenient with him in October when he hit a photographer saying that Brown had made progress in rehab and so they let him go without jail time. This time it doesn’t sound like they will be as kind. Hmmm?

Well some people say the music studio can feel like a prison when inspiration isn’t happening, which looks like Godsmack isn’t struggling with right now.


Frontman Sully Erna has high hopes a new album is coming soon and is clearly confident enough to share photos, updates and his excitement about the new vocals on twitter. Nice! Keep up the good work then. Also, their studio room is amazing, but I don’t know if the red walls would get to me eventually?

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Monday, March 10th 2014

‘True Detective’ Finale Watchers Crash HBO Go

Well another lesson learned about how we the people can do too much fannishness for technology to handle. Build enough word of mouth and you can crash the best servers in the business. First Ellen breaks Twitter because of a selfie to end all selfies and then only a week later Woody Harrelson and Oscar winner, Matthew McConaughey are crashing HBO Go with the overwhelming demand for the finale of their show, True Detective.

Ahhhhh… the joys of technology… it never gets old, does it?

HBO sent out tweets to let viewers know they were aware of the problems:

And another to let them know, all had been fixed:

Funny enough, most people just switched to watching it on their televisions. Which makes me wonder, what were the other people in the house watching?! Uhm… because there was a trifecta of shows last night between the Walking Dead, Cosmos and True Detective that trended up the charts and they all decided to air at relatively the same time. Scheduling people, look at what happened last night and learn.

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