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WATCH: Bradley James in ‘Homeland’ Trailer

WATCH: Bradley James in ‘Homeland’ Trailer

Oh yeah… hello my Merlin men. Earlier today the first The Fall 2 trailer came out and sadly there was no Colin Morgan in it even though he will be starring in the new series coming soon. And now we have a first look at season four of Homeland and SCORE! Bradley James has a


Ben Whishaw Replaces Colin Firth in ‘Paddington’

OMIGOD! Just… I don’t even know… Ben Whishaw’s voice is precious… precious… my PRECIOUS. And his wee face and now I am supposed to watch Paddington [Bear] with his voice and think innocent sweet thoughts and reminisce about my childhood in which my mother read these books to me and I adored every moment and


‘BIG HERO 6′ Official Trailer #1

Official… yes… it is official! Disney has announced the character voices even though the rumors hit it right on the dot. Here’s that list for you: Ryan Potter (Hiro Hamada), Scott Adsit (Baymax), T.J. Miller (Fred), Jamie Chung (Go Go Tomago), Damon Wayans, Jr (Wasabi), Genesis Rodriguez (Honey Lemon), Daniel Henney (Tadashi Hamada), Maya Rudolph