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Monday, April 14th 2014

HOT TRAILER: Official ‘Gone Girl’ Teaser Trailer

Let me state for the record, I did not know that Ben Affleck could channel so much inner rage. Just where is he pulling it from?! However, I did think the casting of this film was quite brilliant though. Ben, Rosamund Pike and Neil Patrick Harris… these persons are amazing on screen when given the right script.

And boy were they lucky with the director too. This material prime A content under David Fincher’s deftly strange but ever so brilliant handling. Also, Gillian Flynn stands by her new ending, saying fans of the old ending as well as haters of the old ending will be delighted with the changes.

Seriously though, holy freaking freak-outs, this trailer shows how messed up these characters are in all the right ways!

Gone Girl appears on movie screens October 3rd, 2014.

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Saturday, April 12th 2014

Hannibal 2×08 Promo ~ “Su-zakana” plus “Yakimono” Recap

Oh freaking out here… anyone else?! This promo is delightfully pun-ny and brilliant and everything I like about the writing on Hannibal. Obviously Will Graham and Jack Crawford have reached an unspoken agreement. It’s all about the hair, fishing and dinner though… I say hair because it is probably not a good sign that Will is now slicking his hair back much like Hannibal does. Hmmm…

Really so much for let bygones be bygones. These three have such a wonderfully friendly vibe of menace going on with their adorable promises not to kill each other as long as they remain interesting to each other. I have this shirt that says: I’ll try to be nicer, if you try to be smarter. Same concept — except I will not eat you if you don’t manage.


Hey… yay for doggies being reunited with their Will!

But really what can I say about Yakimono without leaking spoilers all over the internet? Oh hey, uhm… Will is out of prison, absolved of all crimes he has been accused of. And they’ve found someone, a person who we met in the first season but assumed wrongly that she was dead. She could totally id Hannibal, except he has been keeping her alive and who knows what but Will how well Hannibal can manipulate his subjects’ minds. (And I use subject loosely.) Seriously though, Hannibal keeps people like livestock… LIKE LIVESTOCK. I don’t even know how to begin expressing my horrofic fascination at how well they’ve developed his warped mental perspective. Just WOW!

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Friday, April 11th 2014

Coming Monday… First OFFICIAL ‘Gone Girl’ Trailer

Omigosh, freaking scary Ben Affleck is in this sneak peek. Wow! He has channeled the masculine rage when the female gets the best of the male ego for sure.

Anyone scared even though they’re excited to see this film, because Gillian Flynn admitted to changing the ending? Does that revelation worry you or make you happy? I know a lot of people are glad of the change, having despised the original ending. Personally I thought the ending was a major slap of defiance for the usual endings and loved it even though I hated nearly every person in the book. Seriously, I think Gone Girl might be the first book where there is not really one character that I liked, like liked. They were all too malicious and manipulative for me in this book, but that doesn’t negate its brilliance.

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Friday, April 11th 2014

VIDEO: Don’t Question Your Eyes… #TheGiver Featurette is Amazing

Yeah… Lois Lowry is brilliant. How scary would it be if science had the ability to manipulate our memories?!

I know, I know. Many movies and plot devices center around this question, but I am telling you here and now, if you haven’t read The Giver you don’t know the depth to which Lowry goes to fully address this question and how she tackles political hypocrisy head on.

Seriously people, The Giver is one of the first books to go global with its message. Lowry’s the influencer, the giver of nearly everything out there right now that tackles such theories, ideas and philosophies. Trust me. Read the book before you watch this film. They’ll be complementary — the book and movie — but in no way can this movie ever do justice to the book, and that’s not a far leap of assumption for anyone, is it?

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Tuesday, March 25th 2014

International Release Dates for ‘The Fault In Our Stars’

So all of you wondering when The Fault In Our Stars arrives at your place? Well, we’ve got the international dates for you. In fact, we’ve got a huge amount of dates for you in a nice, crisp image. Find your country, find the date. Best of luck!


The Fault In Our Stars is going to devastate me… the trailer already does:

Also, did you see that John Green will be receiving producer credit on the Paper Towns project? He says you can now blame him for anything you do not like. Oh no… way to open up a black hole of comments, Mr. Green. If anyone can handle the pressure though, it will be him. He’s great with explaining things and wonderfully sensitive to fans.