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Thursday, April 17th 2014

The First Trailer for ‘The Rover’ Starring Robert Pattinson

Just look past Robert Pattinson’s nasty teeth and you’ll see that it’s Robert Pattinson. So yes, like so many of us, lets not deny it – you’ll be heading out to see this movie.

THE ROVER, David Michod’s highly anticipated follow-up to ANIMAL KINGDOM, is set in a world 10 years following the collapse of society. The rule of the law has disintegrated and life is cheap. The film follows hardened loner Eric (Pearce) as he travels the desolate towns and roads of the outback. When a gang of thieves steals his car they leave behind a wounded Rey (Pattinson) in their wake. Forcing Rey to help track the gang, Eric will go to any lengths to take back the one thing that still matters to him. Michod also wrote the film based on a story he conceived with Joel Edgerton.

The film opens in limited release on June 13 in New York and Los Angeles. It opens nationwide June 20th.

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Tuesday, April 15th 2014

Sharon Stone Joins the Cast of ‘American Ultra’

amfAR Inspiration Gala Los Angeles - Arrivals There has been another addition to Kristen Stewart’s newest film – American Ultra. You may remember this is Kristen Stewart’s film for Lionsgate with Jesse Eisenberg.

Oscar winner Sharon Stone has joined the cast.

The Wrap reports that Sharon Stone takes over the part that was thought to be filled by Uma Thurman.

Eisenberg stars as Mike, a seemingly hapless and unmotivated stoner whose small-town life with his live-in girlfriend, Phoebe (Stewart), is suddenly turned upside down. Unbeknownst to him, Mike is actually a highly trained, lethal sleeper agent in a government program created by Victoria Lasseter (Stone). When his secret past comes back to haunt him, Mike is thrust into the middle of a deadly operation and is forced to summon his inner action-hero in order to survive.

The film also stars Topher Grace, Tony Hale, John Leguizamo, Bill Pullman and Walton Goggins.

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Tuesday, April 15th 2014

The First Trailer for ‘Map to the Stars’

Well this may be one of the umm… most interesting trailers that I have ever seen. But then again when isn’t anything by David Cronenberg very interesting. The first trailer for Map to the Stars staring Julianne Moore and Robert Pattinson. Will yo be watching?

Exclu : la première bande-annonce de «Maps to… by Telerama_BA

Saturday, April 12th 2014

Italian Teaser Poster for “Maps To The Stars”

2e52nh3 (1)An Italian teaser poster for “Maps To The Stars.” Unfortunately it doesn’t have Robert Pattinson’s face on it, but it’s still pretty cool.

The movie is said to be a given for CANNES. Directed by David Cronenberg (don’t hold that against the cast), the movie stars John Cusack, Robert Pattinson, Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, Olivia Williams and Sarah Gadon.

PLOT: Following the lives of Weiss family, an archetypical Hollywood dynasty, Dr. Stafford Weiss is a psychotherapist, who has made a fortune with his self-help manuals; his wife Cristina manages the career of their thirteen-year-old son, Benjie, a child star, who recently came out of a drug rehabilitation program, which he entered at the age of nine; their daughter Agatha has recently been released from a sanatorium where she was admitted for the treatment of criminal pyromania. After her release from the sanatorium, she befriends a limo driver and aspiring actor, Jerome Fontana. Havana Segrand, one of Stafford’s clients and an actress, has a unique new assistant. She wants to shoot a remake of the 1960s movie, starring her mother Clarice which made her famous. Clarice has been dead for sometime now and visions of her ghost come to haunt Havana at night.

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Saturday, April 12th 2014

Taylor Lautner in Negotiations for a new film

Taylor-Lautner-1-real So Taylor Lautner is in negotiations for a new film. No guys – it’s not a superhero film or anything like that. No vampires or werewolves.

It actually sounds pretty ok.

The film is about a guy who kidnaps his younger brother when his mother has been let out of jail. The mother was a druggie and is determined to rebuild their family. The brothers are escaping their past with their mother and stepfather following close behind.

“Run the Tide” is the first screenplay for Rajiv Shah. The script has already won awards at the 2013 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and was also a finalist in Final Draft Big Break Competition.

We’re excited at the possibility of seeing Taylor in a new movie.

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