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Robert Pattinson in a New Trailer for ‘Map to the Stars’

Robert Pattinson in a New Trailer for ‘Map to the Stars’

There is a new trailer for Map to the Stars and it looks just as creepy as ever. I mean it’s Robert Pattinson and all, but it’s still weird seeing him in the back seat of a car with Julianne Moore. I CAN’T UNSEE THAT! Robert Pattinson recently told Esquire UK. “I’m trying to do

Expendables 3 Stickers

Facebook Messenger triples the fun with @Expendables3 stickers!

BOOM! So you know The Expendables 3 blasts into theaters today. But did you see the stickers on Facebook Messenger? Download them for FREE here now! They are drawn by the artist Jublin and are adorably bad-ass. I cannot stop finding a reason to use them. Dare I say… some of these would make a


Stephanie Meyer to Produce ‘Down a Dark Hall’

Okay, so this news is old news for me. How? I am not sure, but it’s just now found its way into mainstream journalistic new streams so I am going to go with the flow and say, “Wow… just… do not be turning my childhood psychological thrillers into pop cultural flashpan adaptations.” You heard me.