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Next Week on #TeenWolf – IT’S GOING DOWN, Y’ALL.

Next Week on #TeenWolf – IT’S GOING DOWN, Y’ALL.

Okay, I seriously can’t focus because I leave for the airport in, like, 12 hours so I’m going to present these with very little comment. Traditionally, the sixth episode of the season is when everything goes crazy, and it looks like “Orphaned” (4×06) will be no exception. Here is the trailer: Shared from effingstiles using

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#TeenWolf Review: 4×05 “I.E.D.” – I no longer have any idea what’s going on.

Same as last week, this week’s review will be divided into three sections: what I liked, what I didn’t like, and what the fuck. So these are probably always going to be longer in the “what I didn’t like” section, but that’s because I generally have more to say about stuff I don’t like, whereas

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Sneak Peek of Tonight’s #TeenWolf – Well, that’s not suspicious AT ALL.

In this sneak peek from tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf (“I.E.D.”, 4×05), we see teenage assassins Violet and Garrett planning out how to take down someone I assume is Liam. Shared from instincttw using Embeddlrdownload/iPhone Presumably we’ll also learn more about these two, such as how they learned all of this stuff, what made them

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#TeenWolf Launches “The Collective” Social Network

Teen Wolf has launched a new site, The Collective, designed to showcase fans’ creativity and connect them to both other fans and the people behind the show. From the official Tumblr: “Teen Wolf” has always maintained a strong fan community and those enthusiasts are a major part of the show’s success. When the decision was

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#TeenWolf Speculation Sunday: WHO IS THE BENEFACTOR?

Last week on Teen Wolf, we were introduced to the Benefactor…sort of. You see, we still haven’t actually MET the Benefactor, but freshmen assassins Violet and Garrett received a payment from him or her for killing random keg guy werewolf outside Lydia’s lake house in last week’s episode. Presumably, the Benefactor is the same person