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Monday, March 31st 2014

‘Odd Thomas’ Out on DVD Now

Did you miss Odd Thomas in its very brief and limited theatrical release? Or when it came out on-demand for a little while as a teaser to generate interest? Good news, it is finally out on DVD!

Seriously, you do not have to be a Dean Koontz fan to adore this movie. Fun and endearing, this is horror at its sentimental, humoring best. While there’s a satanic showdown happening in Odd Thomas’s little town, his biggest concern is figuring out what his future holds so he can marry the love of his life, Stormy Llewellyn. A bit hokey but so full of heart, this film really does justice to the books.

In fact, the two main leads read the book and were dedicated to the spirit of it wholeheartedly. Addison Timlin, who played Stormy, told Flickering Myth:

 “After I got the part I read the book and so did Anton to get more information about these characters to develop their relationship and to have an understanding of it. What doesn’t make into the screenplay is very much there between the lines.  I had my copy with me all the time and underlined things.  A lot of it was how her apartment looked.  It was all of these eclectic little features that create this safe space for her; that was a big thing for me.  I’d spend some time collecting things, little mementos from my life and weird things I had around or would see to make that space come alive as it was in the book.  My mom is an artist and she had made some hand-painted sculptures, little figurines and candlesticks as things that I had in Stormy’s apartment.  Then also there’s a line in the book that says she has a moral anchor of a ship which was something I had myself saying all the time to think about the people in my life and things. She’s the kind of character that people want to know and have in their life.  I fell in love with Stormy because her whole being is to be good and to always be doing the right thing.  Stormy is a selfless and strong willed young woman with a powerful presence; she’s the one who grounds Odd from all of the chaos that is in his mind.”

This film totally charmed my daughter and I. Addison and Anton Yelchin were adorable as the couple who fight off a satanic-charged terror attack. While this film is definitely light-hearted in many ways, and hilarious, the film tackles some very scary themes and the final battle — at a mall full of children — is not for younger children. Delightfully romantic but also, oh so freakishly horrific, Odd Thomas is definitely worth owning and a truthful representation of its original.

Stephen Sommers, the mastermind behind the Mummy franchise directs and offers up a hilarious easter egg for fans. Addison Timlin, who is presently shooting Fallen, is an active tweeter, so you should totally follow her. And of course Anton Yelchin is adorkably wonderful in the Star Trek films if you’re trying to place him.


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Thursday, March 13th 2014

VIDEO: Wanna See Benedict Cumberbatch Photobomb Live?

It has not been so long past the Oscars, that we don’t remember that night’s most memorable scenes, right? John Travolta butchering Idina Menzel’s name, pizza being delivered directly to the audience and Brad Pitt passing it out, the selfie that could and did knock Twitter out of commission for a bit, another Jennifer Lawrence red carpet spill… all of these bring back the memories, yeah?

Oh and there was that photobomb Benedict Cumberbatch managed on one of the most well-known bands of all times — U2!

Yeah… this photo here:


Well there’s video evidence of it now:


Omigosh, look at Benedict snake his way through the crowd. He literally jogs to get there and his jumping looks so staged, which now that I am typing that… it is, isn’t it? He photobombed with intent, motive. That just makes it all the more divine… that it wasn’t a happy accident. LOL!

Who’s the bomb?! Oh yeah… Benedict Cumberbatch is!

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Wednesday, March 12th 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch & Alice Eve for GQ Style [HR Scans]

Omigosh, the jokes are going around Tumblr. Rainbow Rowell has promised a Grease 3 Musical script, these photos are her inspiration for the imaginary project she is touting. It’s never gonna happen no matter how much I wish for it, is it? Also, the comparison to a romance novel cover… well it’s quite apt isn’t it? That’s what these two look like in these poses. Seriously! Best scans ever, yes?

Fangirlish showed you the cover of this GQ  Style recently because three other hotties we follow featured on it. See these guys here and this cover, yeah… the scans above are what you’ll find on the inside:


Just might have to pick up a copy of this magazine. So much pretty and handsome inside and out that ignoring it would be such a sad state for me, yeah? What about you? Don’t you think you need these photos in your life? Hmmm?!

Friday, March 7th 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch Interviewed by New York Times

The title of the piece: ‘The Case of the Accidental Superstar’ really seems apt when you consider the way Benedict Cumberbatch behaves and responds to his stardom. He still acts many times like a fanboy himself and overwhelmed at the idea anyone could be interested in him like the fame magnets he’s surrounded himself with.

And yet, he can play coy and keep away with his audience and his natural inclinations to seclude himself away as he says comes through with a bit of snark and self-deprecation that many journalists mistake for rudeness and off-standish poshness. Which again, he himself is baffled by these claims.


PHOTO CREDIT: Photograph by Karim Sadli. Styled by Joe McKenna. Hair: Paul Hanlon at Julian Watson Agency. Grooming: Hannah Murray at Art and Commerce. Nails: Trish Lomax at Set design: Max Bellhouse. Digital operator: Edouard Malfettes. Photo assistants: Antoni Ciufo, JP Woodland, Simon McGuigan. Stylist’s assistants: John Pashalidis, Matt King. Tailor: Caroline Thorpe. Hair assistant: Pierpaolo Lai. Makeup assistant: Lyndsay Lilly Keys. Set assistants: Alexandra Leavey, Tilly Power. Production: Ragi Dholakia Productions. Polo Ralph Lauren suit and shirt. Cumberbatch’s own Omega watch.

However, the man has become a household staple and someone that anyone who watches anything on television or the movies, knows. Benedict cannot possibly escape the frenzy he has created among a loyal set of fans, who despite many, many attempts at being renamed, still get called ‘Cumberbitches’ – such an unfortunate side effect of the need to name things in fandom. And yet his universal appeal cannot be denied.

Sarah Lyall says it best in this article:

His appeal is manifest, yet hard to pin down. His name is odd, Hogwartsian, suggesting both an Elizabethan actor and a baker whose products are made with rustic ingredients no one has heard of. Tall and lean, he has an other-century look about him, with his long, narrow face, his mop of crazy hair (he keeps it shorter off-duty) and bright, far-apart, almond-shaped blue eyes that on-screen can play intelligent, ardent, manic or insane, depending on the job. In “Sherlock,” he looks like the sort of person who has a stratospheric I.Q. and an abysmal E.Q. but is dead sexy with it; at the same time, if you were to remark on his resemblance to an otter, you would not be the only one.

Despite all of these truths, Benedict has risen to a stratospheric stardom that he never thought he’d reach. The joys of the craft still commanding his attention and outweighing the rigors of being a celebrity. For some reason, he still can blend into a crowd and go unnoticed. Hmmm… he does seem to have a slick Sherlockian method to managing this feat though.

Read how he does it and the entire interview HERE.

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Monday, December 23rd 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch & Tom Hiddleston Dance Off

Thanks Nerdist for the heads up (yet again):