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Thursday, April 10th 2014

VIDEO: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Lucy Hale Debuts New Single

Lucy Hale, one of the newest young actresses to make the transition from television to music studio. She’s trying on the cowboy hat for size and it looks like the girl’s doing A-okay. Her newest single, ‘Goodbye Gone’ came out yesterday in audio only format.

She will be releasing the full album, Road Between, on June 3rd. It is available for pre-order right now on iTunes where if you do go and pre-order, you receive ‘Goodbye Gone’ — the single from the video above — for download right then and there.

Friday, April 4th 2014

Which ‘Carrie Diaries’ Star is Heading to the “Liars”?

chloe_bridges You could have just told me CW. You didn’t have to keep me hoping that you were going to hear my plea and renew The Carrie Diaries. But being as the cast is booking roles on all sorts of different shows, I am hearing the messages loud and clear.

I am not going to object to where Chloe Bridges is spreading her acting prowless. The starlet will be on Pretty Little Liars new season. Yes, Carrie Diarie fans – Donna LaDonna is heading to Pretty Little Liars.

She’ll play a new friend of Emily’s. She will be a reoccurring character that first appears on the 3rd episode.

And no – Carrie Diaries fans, the show hasn’t been canceled. There is still no word on the fate of the CW show.

Pretty Little Liars is currently filming it’s fifth season which returns to ABC Family this summer.

Monday, March 31st 2014

#PLL Star Troian Bellisario Talks About Real Beauty

download Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario spoke about the wrong idea that people may be getting from Pop Culture. We definitely agree with her.

If you look at the magazines and TV shows there is an overwhelming idea that you have to have a perfect body and a high standard of beauty. But what we don’t think about is that celebrities have someone to do their hair and and makeup done daily.

“So. Getting compliments is wonderful and everyone should feel beautiful in their own skin,” wrote the actress. “But I get my hair and make up done professionally. For a job. That’s not beauty. That’s make up it’s a curling iron and hairspray.”

Bellisario continued, “What’s beautiful is inside you. It’s your creativity. It’s your intelligence. Your empathy and your kindness to your fellow man. I could care less about being ‘pretty’ or ‘perfect’ and we should all ask ourselves why in our society that is the ‘highest’ and most common compliment we are paying to our female friends.”

The star has been open about her struggle with an eating disorder and self-harm in the past. We appreciate her wise words of wisdom.

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Friday, March 28th 2014

Brant Daugherty Back for ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 5

Now isn’t that just the icing on the cake?!

Tyler Blackburn who actually started on Pretty Little Liars before being moved to Ravenswood before being returned to Pretty Little Liars stayed optimistic during his short unemployment. Brant Daugherty grew a beard instead.

After Daugherty showed up on the Pretty Little Liars Season Four finale, his fate was left hanging, even though he had hoped to be A, mostly because of all the screen time… LOL! (x) Noel (Daugherty) is definitely coming back as multiple sources have confirmed and yet… this confirmation tweet made me sad:

Noooooo… not the beard. Have you seen this man in a beard? Gorgeous! I guess though it’s better for him to be on my TV screen baby-faced and clean shaven than not.

Should be interesting to see what happens now on Pretty Little Liars since everyone seems to be lovesick and rumors of multiple love triangles happening in Season Five dominating the news coming from the cast. Who would Noel attract? Hmmm… let’s theorize in the comments, yeah?

The fifth season of Pretty Little Liars premieres June 10th on ABC Family.

Monday, March 24th 2014

VIDEO: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Cast Reveal Season Five Plot Wishes

Omigosh, I laughed through this whole video with the Pretty Little Liars cast. Wowza lovely people! You all have some definite ideas of what you want to go down next season. And oh, who wants to hook up with who?!

This cast adores each other so much. They talk a little about how excited they are that Tyler Blackburn is coming back which of course led to a discussion on who he should return to… which lady friend should claim him. That of course, set me off laughing again. You all need to watch this because this cast discussing their love lives… They’re going to need a love doctor after all the action of season five. I’m just sayin’… they are keeping busy.

The fifth season of Pretty Little Liars premieres June 10th on ABC Family.