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Jamie Dornan Has Booked a New Role

Jamie Dornan Has Booked a New Role

Jamie Dornan has booked a new role! Mr. Christian Grey has booked a role opposite some pretty big names – Emma Thompson, Daniel Bruhl, Alicia Vikander and Lily James. The movie was once entitled Chef, but the name was changed to Adam Jones.  We’re really not sure what Jamie’s role is, as it is being


‘The Box Trolls’ Character Posters

The Box Trolls are coming to Comic Con. The movie stars Ben Kingsley, Isaac Hempstead Wright, Elle Fanning, Jared Harris, Toni Collette, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Richard Ayoade, and Tracy Morgan as the voices of the trolls. If you are heading to Comic Con – chances are you are going to see a life sized


We’re Catching the Subliminal Messages in these #PitchPerfect2 Photos

Remember this? Don’t deny it – you got your ass up and danced when you saw this in the movie theater. Or was it just us? Ya, we were those annoying people singing along like it was a Hollywood Bowl sing along. Pitch Perfect 2 has been filming in New Orleans. We’re a little excited