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Thursday, April 10th 2014

AHH! Cover Reveal for LEGEND Author Marie Lu’s Next Phase of the Series! ‘THE YOUNG ELITES’

1397147805000-9780399167836Marie Lu is taking the Legend series into a new phase, The Young Elites follows a survivor of the blood plague, Adelina Amouteru, with some distinguishing traits like a large scar and white hair. Rejected by her family, she joins the underground society of young elites. Some of the elites are out for good, while chose to use their talents for the worst, and Adelina comes in and shakes up their world..

Marie Lu says:

 “It chronicles a good person’s downfall into becoming a villain, and I think this cover conveys that beautifully. The ominous clouds, the light vs. the dark, the dagger, and the bold title all work together so well. I’m in love with it.”

I am so excited about this book, I can’t even think straight! I LOVED the Legend series, and with this book being compared to an X-Men sort of storyline, I am SO IN!! Are you?

The Young Elites is out October 7th from Penguin.

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Friday, November 15th 2013

Marie Lu Interviewed in Her Own Neighborhood Bookstore

Marie Lu, creator of the Legend series, talks to Goodreads YA from Vroman’s, her neighborhood bookstore in Pasadena, CA. Watch as she discusses writing romantic scenes, growing up a good girl, and her new book, Champion!

And awwwww… she does artwork for her fans that you can win!

CLICK HERE to leave a comment to win her drawing. Goodreads will select a winner at random on November 30th.


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Thursday, October 31st 2013

Book Trailer: Marie Lu’s ‘CHAMPION’

The trailer for Marie Lu’s CHAMPION was released. It has us wondering what is going to happen next! How will this epic trilogy end?

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Monday, January 28th 2013

We’ve Got An Amazing Prize to Give Away in Celebration of @Marie_Lu ‘Prodigy’

tumblr_mhbdhoP5WY1qzhc38o1_1280 So what happens when a whole bunch of New York Times Best Selling Authors get together? Well they take pictures and have a lot of fun. And they do something really special for you. Who was at this gathering?

Marie Lu (@marie_lu)
Tahareh Mafi (@TaherehMafi)
Ransom Riggs (@RansomRiggs)
Melissa de la Cruz (@MelissadelaCruz)
Pseudonymous Bosch (@therealPBosch)
Robin Wasserman (@robinwasserman)
Kami Garcia (@kamigarcia)
Margaret Stohl (@mstohl)
Leah Bardugo (@LBardugo)

Well, they all got together and signed a first edition hardcover of ‘Beautiful Creatures’. And they gave to us to give away in conjunction with the Beautiful Creatures Movie Site. And there will be some other swag that will probably come along, but what that is will be a surprise!

And we are celebrating the release of Marie Lu’s ‘Prodigy’. So here’s what you have to do…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don’t forget to thank all of the fabulous authors on Twitter! photo

photo (1)

There is only one book to give away. Though we have the contest up on,, and

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Wednesday, January 9th 2013

EXCLUSIVE: We Talk to @JonathanALevine about Marie Lu’s LEGEND

legendAre you a fan of Marie Lu’s LEGEND? So are we. And we recently sat down and talked with the attached director, Jonathan Levine.

Now, you can read the entire interview over on, but we decided the little part about Legend, we were putting up here.

Erin: I read that you are attached to Legend.

Jonathan: Ya.

Erin: What’s going on with that? Is that moving forward?

Jonathan: that is one of several things that I am attached to right now. I don’t know what I am doing next. It’s a wonderful, wonderful book. Have you read it?

Erin: Ya, I have.

Jonathan: It’s a wonderful book.

Erin: Prodigy, the sequel. It’s really good.

Jonathan: I haven’t read the sequel.

Erin: Oh you haven’t

Jonathan: I have read treatments for the sequel.

Erin: The sequels better than the first.

Jonathan: IT is?

Erin: Uh huh. (Continue Reading…)

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