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Monday, April 21st 2014

Chloe Grace Moretz and Jamie Blackley do ADR on @IfIStay


We’re all sorts of anxious for If I Stay and it’s coming closer to reality. Jamie Blackley and Chloe Grace Moretz have been doing ADR according to pictures that RJ Cutler posted on his Instagram. He captioned them-

Recorded ADR with @cmoretz @thejoshualeonard and #jamieblackley today. Awesome to be working with them all again! #ifistay


Back in LA and up at the crack-o recording narration with the heard-but-not-seen #cmoretz, awesome as always and beaming it in from the Big Apple. #ifistay

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Friday, April 18th 2014

International Release Dates for ‘If I Stay’

10245440_758085394224350_47196641939455646_n Are you like us – anxiously awaiting If I Stay. Especially after the trailer this past week, right? Now, thanks to Gayle we have the international release dates for the movie. Are you ready for ‘If I Stay’?

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Thursday, April 17th 2014

Sony’s Head of Production Talks Casting Chloe Grace Moretz in ‘The 5th Wave’

foreman_chloe The official announcement for Chloe Grace Moretz in The 5th Wave came out. In the press release, the studio talks about why she is a perfect choice for the role. Hannah Minghella had this to say -

“Chloe is the perfect Cassie and we’re excited to be building this movie around her. It’s been a great experience working with Chloe on several films, most recently The Equalizer. She’s a phenomenal actress and embodies the heart, strength and determination that make Cassie such a compelling character. J Blakeson’s vision for the film is smart, edgy and faithful to the book, and will launch the franchise in a fresh and dynamic way.”

PR Newswire put out the release. we’re actually excited for Chloe to bring Cassie to life.

Are you excited for The 5th Wave?

Wednesday, April 16th 2014

Seven Things I Learned from the @IfIStay Trailer

Two trailers that have made me fall apart this year are The Fault in Our Stars and If I Stay.

I get it – they are both heavy stories. Ones a love story about kids with cancer and ones a love story about a girl who gets in an accident and loses her entire family. There are no werewolves, no vampires, no witches in these stories. They are just stories.

And they are stories that touch our hearts.

They are stories that make us cry.

But like anything – they are jam packed with wisdom. Little isms that can make you stop and look at things a different way. Things that grab you and make you reexamine your own life. Here’s what I learned from If I Stay.

I figured if you looked at it every night, it won’t seem so scary when you get there. – Adam, If I Stay

Facing your fears is never easy, but Adam helps Mia face hers. If you take the baby steps, you can get there – that point where you are free from the things that scare you, that haunt you, that hurt you. (Continue Reading…)

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Tuesday, April 15th 2014

‘If I Stay’ Screencaps and Stills From the Official Trailer!


We went a little crazy screen-capping the just released official trailer for If I Stay based on the novel by Gayle Forman. We couldn’t help it! The trailer was AMAZING and we loved the book, so have at it guys!! We can NOT WAIT for this film! If you haven’t watch the trailer yet, check it out below and get ready to CRY your eyes out!

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