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Exclusive Interview with @MazeRunnerMovie Star @FollowBlakeCoop

Exclusive Interview with @MazeRunnerMovie Star @FollowBlakeCoop

Comic Con is going on and one of the things that we are most excited for at the event is The Maze Runner. As our first exclusive we are bringing you an exclusive interview with Blake Cooper, one of the stars of The Maze Runner. Blake plays the part of Chuck. Chuck is a prankster

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Vine Super Stars Jack and Jack to Headline US Tour with The DigiTour

OMG! Unless you have been living under a social media rock, you know exactly who Jack and Jack, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, and Matthew Espinosa are. You also are probably fangirling over the fact that you have an opportunity to meet them as Jack and Jack embark on a US Tour with hit tween Social


EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Bromley ~ Author of ‘A Murder of Magpies’

So earlier today, Fangirlish gave readers a musical sneak peek into Sarah Bromley‘s world — the world of A Murder of Magpies. Also, we unveiled the cover reveal which let me say for the record, I think is soooooo beautiful. I just love this book already, which you all should know because I have been gushing


EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Bromley Sings + A Murder of Magpies Cover Reveal

Finally… the world is allowed to see this cover. Gorgeous beauty that it is — Isn’t it?! I want my own copy and now. Why must October 28th be so far away?! LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY! And much in part to Sarah Bromley’s input, this cover is the perfect culmination of her literary outpourings into