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Wednesday, March 19th 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Cover Reveal of Hillary Monahan’s ‘Mary: The Summoning’

If you were a preteen or teenager in the 80′s and 90′s — you probably played with an Ouija Board and thought yourself pretty darn brave. If you really wanted to go the extra mile and freak your friends the eff out, you locked yourself and a candle in the bathroom and chanted “bloody mary” three times while staring into the bathroom mirror with the supposed intent of catching the reflection of a long dead queen. I say supposed intent, because I am quite positive my friends and I would have had no clue what to do if her ghost had shown up.

My status as wuss has been well documented on this blog.

However, that doesn’t keep me from being awed by the horrific beauty of Hillary Monahan’s Mary: The Summoning cover. Isn’t it spookishly gorgeous?!


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Friday, March 14th 2014

UPDATED: The Book House, Inc Romance Author Meet & Greet Event

On March 14th, this past Friday, I had the lovely chance to hang out with some of the funnest, hard-working fangirls in the writing business. All these ladies representing their genres under the umbrella of romance with a capital R took the time out of their busy schedules to come talk to fans, meet and greet them, autograph books and basically tell us why girl heroines rock the bookshelves right now.


It was lively, which when you watch the video interviews from that night, you’ll be able to tell. And the company bright and brilliant and ready to talk girl heroes — non-traditional heroines the theme of the night for Fangirlish. We wanted to hear about all the female characters standing up for themselves and females everywhere.

And did they ever deliver?! These authors know a good read and how to write one too. Here’s a list of the authors who hung out at The Book House, Inc with me:

Also, they were there to show off their shelf. Yes, the shelf… that they own in The Book House, Inc.


Let me tell you about this Kickstarter project that The Book House, Inc ran to keep themselves in business. They’re a little indie bookstore that could and did manage to struggle back from the brink and open in a new location where they hope to build up a community who loves and cares for them.

Ever wished you could stock the shelves at your local bookstores? Frustrated because neither you or the bookseller can find that book you wanted right then and there? Or have you gone in and just talked to fellow readers around you, recommending something only to find out the bookstore doesn’t carry it? Omigosh, yes! I know I have.

So The Book House is figuring out ways around this problem. They’ve found that the quickest way to sell a book is to find someone who is willing to write a recommendation for it. And many stores, including Barnes & Noble have shelves dedicated to staff pics and placemat recs under individual books throughout the store.

What if though, readers could come in and curate their own shelf for a fee that goes towards keeping the local, indie bookstore in business? Would readers be that dedicated to making sure the books they loved and wanted to share with others were on the shelf?

Apparently so! Because when The Book House proposed the idea and explained it was their last efforts to avoid closing, the public responded overwhelmingly.


Michelle Barron, the owner of The Book House, broke the concept down like this:

People gravitate to staff pics. They share everything online, make lists. Everyone is sharing virtually. This way, these shelves become a concrete, physical way to share your favorites. Personalized readers can market what they want to market and we’ll order whatever you want put on your shelf.

Sounds good to me. Last time I went into a major bookseller brick-and-mortar store I had to come home and order three of the four books I was looking for online. All of them were books I’d recommend to others, so why not? Anyone want to go in on a shelf with me?!

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Wednesday, March 5th 2014

Ridley Pearson Says Hello from #Divergent Red Carpet

Ridley Pearson’s daughters are huge fans of Divergent so he along with them attended the March 4th, St. Louis premiere and ended up getting to walk the red carpet with them too. Pearson, a St. Louis native came in support of Divergent and chatted with the press while his daughters talked to friends and the stars of the night.

The Peter and the Starcatchers series he co-authors with Dave Berry was turned into a musical and has made its stage debut on Broadway already. Presently, Peter and the Starcatcher is showing at the Peabody Opera House, a local theater here in St. Louis. Watch the Broadway highlights reel below:

Also, last night Pearson admitted the Rock Bottom Remainders have come out of retirement too.  An American rock and roll band, consisting of published writers, most of them both amateur musicians and popular English-language book, magazine, and newspaper authors was founded by Kathi Kamen Goldmark in 1992. When Goldmark died of breast cancer in 2012, the band made up of Ridley Pearson, Dave Barry, Stephen King, Amy Tan, Cynthia Heimel, Sam Barry, Scott Turow, Joel Selvin, James McBride, Mitch Albom, Roy Blount, Jr., Barbara Kingsolver, Robert Fulghum, Matt Groening, Tad Bartimus, Greg Iles, Aron Ralston, and honorary member Maya Angelou, the band thought they could never play again. In honoring her memory though and knowing they could raise money for good causes, they’ve found the musical spirit of sharing again. Pearson didn’t mention dates so check his website or the others up above for shows.

Most of all, how great is it to see so many authors supporting each other in this business of going from book to movie. You’ve got some pretty big names coming out to see your movie, Veronica Roth!


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Wednesday, March 5th 2014

One Minute Red Carpet Interview: Ben Lloyd Hughes for #Divergent

Ben Lloyd Hughes walked the red carpet for his new film, Divergent, last night, March 4th, in St. Louis, MO at Ronnie’s 20 and looked like such the proper gent in pinstripe, high-waisted trousers with white henley and brown dress shoes. His charming wit, easy and smart along with a cheeky grin and I was properly smitten.

He maneuvered the press line, giving intelligent, thoughtful responses to every question. Impressive lad! So tackling Psych 101 questions on the junket should be no problem, right. Right-O. True enough. My question about human nature and sorting didn’t slow him down at all.

He never stopped grinning and you can see how he thinks all of this experience is brilliant. The move from small scale to the big budget studio film has only made him more appealing. From Skins to Divergent, that’s a huge leap even when you do not consider change of countries.

After interviewing him, I’ve no doubt we’ll be seeing more of Ben on the big screen no matter how big of a box office draw Divergent becomes.

Wednesday, March 5th 2014

One Minute Red Carpet Interview: Christian Madsen for #Divergent

Christian Madsen walked the red carpet for his new film, Divergent, last night, March 4th, in St. Louis, MO at Ronnie’s 20 and stole my heart with his praise of Reservoir Dogs.

You know, Christian Madsen is son of Michael Madsen whom I love in Reservoir Dogs… actually there isn’t anything I do not adore about that film, yet it is wild to see Christian all grown up and acting when I remember his dad back then in that film. So of course, I had to ask… had he seen the film and since it is Quentin Tarantino we are talking about — at what age. Great answer, Christian… at least I think so!

Also, I didn’t get it on camera but when I asked him if I could interview him and record it, he was oh… why are you asking, are you going to ask me something personal… like what did you do last night? Funnily enough, caught on the spot as I was and since my question had to do with his father, I did respond… uhm sort of. He laughed at me long enough that I had to wait a bit before starting the interview on camera again. As you can see though, such a great guy who really knows what he wants out of this acting gig.

And Christian Madsen is yet another reason why we think Divergent is a must-see.