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First Look at #DoctorWho on This Week’s EW Cover

First Look at #DoctorWho on This Week’s EW Cover

Oh the awesomeness of having Doctor Who featured regularly in Entertainment Weekly is spoiling me, but this week’s magazine?! Omigosh, be prepared for everything wonderful. The color copies of Comic-Con portraits that always leaves me even greener than when San Diego Comic-Con was happening. Such great pics of my favorite people in all of Hollywood!


Peter Jackson Directing ‘Doctor Who’ Possibly

Oh the rumors that surround Doctor Who. Directors come and go so do writers. Everyone has their favorites. However, nothing is more juicier for Whovians than the possibility that Peter Jackson would come direct an episode. A life-long fan, he would be able to kick that off his bucket list if he could find the


Doctor Who Series 8 Gets Worldwide Cinema Screening

Omigosh… pretty soon will I forget that Doctor Who was ever a television show?! With all the episodes getting Cinema debuts, it is a distinct possibility. I dunno how to feel. Yeah, it was cool that the 50th Anniversary show was in theaters, but I think it might be overkill now. There’s something taken away


EW Gives #Whovians Sneak Peek of Doctor Who Season 8

Oh they did not… they’ve given Twelve fingerless gloves. Omigosh. Too precious. Adore a man who fears not the steampunk fashions. And looks like the premiere episode of Season Eight will indeed take us back to a Victorian Age, because thanks to Entertainment Weekly we’ve got a sneak peek still and some scoop to share.