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HOLD THE PHONE! Wait… Shailene Woodley has one?

HOLD THE PHONE! Wait… Shailene Woodley has one?

Guys! Hold the phone – I mean literally. SHAILENE WOODLEY HAS A TELEPHONE! Don’t laugh. I am serious. The star of Divergent has claimed that she doesn’t own a phone, but yet she was photographed at the Farmer’s Market with a phone in her pocket. Moon Goddess – we still believe in you and your


See the International Release Dates for @LoveRosiefilm

We know you are like us, anxiously awaiting Love, Rosie. Well we can now tell you the dates that the movie will release in your country. Love, Rosie stars Lily Collins and Sam Claflin. We also love that fandoms are colliding in this movie – Lily Collins from The Mortal Instruments, Sam Claflin from The


Dauntless Training Camp Looked Like No Fun

Dauntless boot camp looks like a bitch. Excuse the french, but it totally does. I don’t like pushups and fighting. You know, unless it’s watching Theo James do it.