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Lauren Oliver Has a New Book Coming Out

Lauren Oliver Has a New Book Coming Out

Lauren Oliver has a new book coming out. Have you heard about it? It sounds pretty interesting. It’s called Vanishing Girls. The cover is absolutely stunning. Here’s what the book is about – When nine-year-old Madeline Snow goes missing from a parking lot in a sleepy Massachusetts town, the whole community follows the seemingly dead-end

#AskLaurenOliver, Ep. 39, 40, 41

Lauren’s discussing the drafting process, pajamas, and marathons in the latest episodes of #AskLaurenOliver. Don’t forget to send in questions to Lauren via Twitter and Tumblr, using the hashtag #AskLaurenOliver. Photograph of Lauren (c) Jonathan Alpeyrie, 2010. 


#AskLaurenOliver, Ep. 36, 37, 38

In the latest #AskLauren Oliver, Lauren’s talking about diverse characters, writing about what you care about, and her upcoming YA standalone, Vanishing Girls. Look out for Vanishing Girls in spring of 2015, but for now, watch below!   Photograph of Lauren (c) Jonathan Alpeyrie, 2009.