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Going to Comic-Con? Get the “Marge” Makeover

Going to Comic-Con? Get the “Marge” Makeover

If I was going to Comic Con – I would totally get the Marge makeover. I would rock that shiznet like it was my normal everyday look. MAC announced that they would be selling the Marge collection for one day only at San Diego Comic Con. The collection won’t be released everywhere until September 4th,

Get Nails Like the Stars at the Golden Globes

Nails are a huge part of the award season. And the actresses tonight are blowing people away. Best actress nominee Lena Dunham (TV Series Comedy or Musical, Girls) and best actress nominee Tatiana Maslany (TV Series Drama, Orphan Black) as well as model and designer, Camila Alves (wife of best actor nominee Matthew McConaughey) arrived