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Wednesday, March 26th 2014

Kyle Gallner Books a New Movie & You Can Call Him “GOAT”

JUFgKTl Beautiful Creatures fans – Kyle Gallner has booked a new role. And it’s not a shabby one. I mean you book a Clint Eastwood movie, you book a Clint Eastwood movie. And in Morocco – well…

The star is now part of the cast of American Sniper, which includes one of our favorite people, Cory Hardrict.

And then there’s that guy Bradley Cooper who is also set to be in the film.

Gallner will play Winston, an Arkansas native who earns the nickname “Goat” when his first kill in Iraq is – well, A GOAT.


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Sunday, March 23rd 2014

Reasons Others Failed Where #Divergent Succeeded

divergent-IMAX-fanfix-bigThis weekend, Divergent took home $56 million at the box office, essentially securing a franchise. As fans have celebrated, some fans from YA movies that have not succeeded have said that while they are happy for the Divergent Fandom, it feels like a knife in the heart to them. So it begs the question, why did Divergent succeed where others have failed?

The reality of it is that if you are a fan of a book, most of us will have trouble separating the book from the movie. There have been many book to movie adaptations, and two of the most noteable that have “failed” by monetary standards have been Beautiful Creatures and The Mortal Instruments.

I have been involved with both.

I didn’t think The Mortal Instruments was a bad movie. I didn’t think Beautiful Creatures was a bad movie. I actually liked it. And I remember sitting in a room with Richard LaGravenese telling him that I thought it was amazing and that I appreciated him caring about the fans. For as much shit as the fandom gave him, he did something right. He made a beautiful movie. And if you didn’t walk in with the idea of the book being the movie that would have been successful. But here’s where other YA movies have failed.


It’s threefold. Casting, marketing, and taking liberties with the book. (Continue Reading…)

Thursday, March 20th 2014

VIDEO: ‘New World’ Trailer Featuring Alice Englert and Jamie Dornan

I am always excited for anything with Jamie Dornan. I’ll overlook Alice Englert being involved. The trailer for NEW WORLD is out and here’s the synopsis for Episode 1:

Show trials, torture and summary executions are rife in England as Charles II betrays his promise of tolerance and reverts to tyranny. At Fanshawe House, Angelica (from The Devil’s Whore) is now Countess of Seacourt, striving to protect her daughter from a country once again on the brink of chaos.
But when outlaw and idealist Abe breaks into Beth’s sheltered world he jolts her into consciousness and asks whether she can stand by as the liberties won with her father’s Civil War blood are destroyed.
Meanwhile, in New England the colonists struggle to throw off the distant but steely control of the English Crown.

Friday, February 28th 2014

An E-Book Anthology Recaptures @kamigarcia @carrieryan @melissa_marr Dystopian Worlds

Dark Futures reanimates three dystopian short stories [from Shards and Ashes, a more populated, physically printed anthology] into an e-book.


The three short stories by Kami Garcia, Melissa Marr and Carrie Ryan speak to futures where governments have become grim, environmental factors feed fear-mongering, diseases of the mind and freedom of/from religion is extinct. Dystopian reads while short pack a wallop of emotional punch. These three authors are some of Fangirlish‘s favorites to read.

And you should recognize all their names.

(Continue Reading…)

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Wednesday, February 26th 2014

2013 Bram Stoker Awards Final Ballot

These awards are a big freaking deal here, folks. Let us tell you why.

There’s a father-son tag team going on in this year. Hello Jonah Hill, son of Stephen King… and oh look hello… yep… you guessed it — Father to Mr. Hill, Mr. King.

Author Stephen King at a press event to unveil the Kindle 2 (Continue Reading…)