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Friday, August 31st 2012

New Stills from SINISTER

New pictures from SINISTER!

Do you want to see SINISTER before it hits theaters? Here’s your chance!

There are select sneak previews across of SINISTER the country through, where audiences can be the first to experience the year’s most terrifying film. More details here –>

SINISTER is a frightening new thriller from the producer of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films and the writer-director of THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE.  Ethan Hawke plays a true crime novelist who discovers a box of mysterious, disturbing home movies that plunge his family into a nightmarish experience of supernatural horror.


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Friday, August 31st 2012

Max Irons Scores Lead Role in New BBC Drama

Max Irons and Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson will star in upcoming BBC One drama White Queen.

The War of the Roses-set ten-part drama is based on Phillipa Gregory’s bestselling novel seriesThe Cousin’s War.

The series follows a group of women who find themselves caught up in the race for the throne.

With the nation at war for the past nine years over the rightful King of England, the two sides of the same family – The House of York and The House of Lancaster – are also facing their own battle.

Max Irons will play the House of York’s Edward IV, who is crowned the King of England thanks to Lord Warwick (James Frain).

However, Warwick’s plans are altered after the King falls in love with commoner Elizabeth Woodville (Ferguson).

Read more at DigitalSpyUK

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Friday, August 31st 2012

THE HUNGER GAMES Willow Shields Talks Going Back to School

It’s school time, and Willow Shields talked with Hollywood Teenzine

What are you most excited about when returning to school every year? School supplies! I love shopping for new pens, pencils and notebooks. It sounds dorky but I love seeing what comes out each year and finding at least one cool new thing…like a floppy ruler!

What type of student are you in school? I think I am a lot like many students. I am really good at some subjects, just o.k. at others and struggle with some subjects (like math). Sometimes I get frustrated with subjects like that and my dad seems much longer. But then I get to reading a great book and everything is cool again.

What is your favorite subject? I really love reading and history! I also love art. When I get to read a historical novel that is probably the best.

Who was your favorite teacher? Well, I am homeschooled, so I guess my mom would be the best answer. But, we really work more together rather than her telling me everything to do. So, it is not a very common student and teacher relationship!

Do you have any study tips you could share with our viewers? Work during the times that are usually wasted. You can practice spelling or vocabulary while riding in a car (as long as you are not driving!) and listen to books on cd. That way you can read twice as many books! Also, review stuff right before you go to sleep. For some reason that helps me remember things way better.

For the rest of the interview, CLICK HERE.


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Friday, August 31st 2012

Fortune Magazine Interviews Cassie Clare and Her Pops

I love getting to know more about peoples lives, and think it’s amazing when we all have the opportunity to learn where people come from. So, I was pretty excited when I learned thatFortune Magazine interviewed Cassandra Clare and her Dad. You can read an excerpt of the interview below, but for the entire thing, CLICK HERE.

Richard, you’re a well-known academic and have sold tens of thousands of books. Cassandra, you’re a well-known author for a certain segment of the mass market—and have sold even more books. Is there a connection between the two careers?

RUMELT:  It’s all genetics [laughter]. I’m very proud of her. She’s blossomed fantastically.

CLARE: My father is a big believer in nature over nurture.

Did he think that way when you were 13?

RUMELT: When she was 13, I thought it wasn’t genetics—or at least not my side of the family.

CLARE:  I think that there’s an enormous amount that my father has influenced in my career. We as artists are actively encouraged—by other authors, your agent, publisher, and society—not to think about money, strategy, how to manage your career, how to create a brand, because we’re supposed to focus on the art.

So, your father helped you to think of yourself as, well, a corporation?

CLARE:  Yes! I grew up listening to him talk about strategy and management. I’ve read his book obviously. And he’s always pressed upon me that the person who had a strategy is going to win out over the person who doesn’t. So when I come into a situation, my immediate question is, “Well, what’s the strategy?” And I think that’s unusual for a writer.

RUMELT: One kind of bad strategy is where people have aspirations, but no plans. And Judy read one of my chapters on that in draft form. A couple weeks later, she told me, “Well, my publisher said, ‘We have high hopes for your next book.’” And she said, “And you’re going to – ?”

CLARE:  We were in the boardroom. The publisher [Simon & Schuster] said, “Our plan is to raise the profile and increase the sales.”  And I said, “What are your concrete plans to achieve that?”  They said, “Well, we’re going to get the book more attention and sell more copies.”

Friday, August 31st 2012

Love, Love this New Picture from Beautiful Creatures

Love, love this picture of Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert. Beautiful Creatures doesn’t hit theaters until next February, but I am loving all the pictures that Ravenwood Manor keeps tweeting.